by Jodi Summers As Bob Dylan prepares to play a concert at our very own Santa Monica Civic Center on September 3rd, we found this rather poignant analysis on paralleling the lyrics of “All Along the Watchtower” to the British Commercial Real Estate Market… ** Bard Saw The Future And It Was Crunch By […]

THE NATIONAL TRUST TACKLES THE GREENING OF OLD BUIILDINGS In these eco-friendly times, we have learned that buildings are a primary contributor to the accumulation of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy have shown that buildings contribute up to 40 percent of carbon emissions, 30 percent of waste […]

Californians to Get Refunds From Kickback Suit Hundreds of thousands of Californians are expected to share in a $35 million settlement of a lawsuit that accuses some of the nation’s largest real estate brokers of taking kickbacks. A federal judge in Los Angeles still must sign the agreement. The lawsuit accuses brokers from an array […]

Southern California real estate sales hit the highest level in over a year, according to DataQuick real estate research company. Sales are up 13.8 percent year-over-year in July. The July sales count — 20,329 new and resale homes and condos sold in the six-county Southern California area — was the highest since March 2007, when 21,856 […]

Solar Loans for Residential Systems New Resource Bank has created five special solar loans that allow you to install a solar system with nothing down. They are based on the equity in your home, have a streamlined application and approval process, and no upfront fees, closing costs or points. The loan may adjust to reflect […]

New York City topped a new list of America’s most expensive cities, with our lovely Los Angeles coming in second place, according to Forbes magazine’s study of the world’s most expensive cities. Location has a lot to do with why New York and Los Angeles top the list. L.A. remains expensive in part because of […]