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By Jodi Summers

Go figure. We had more than 12% unemployment all 2010, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says Los Angeles County has more jobs than any other county in the U.S!!??!

In March 2010, the BLS notes that national employment totaled 126.3 million workers, a decline of -2.1% compared from a year prior. In Los Angeles county, our total employment was 3.86 million workers – down by -3.4% from the prior year.

Two other SoCal counties were also in the top 10. Orange County ranked #7 – total employment was 1.34 million workers, down by -4.2%.  San Diego County ranked #8 – employment totaled 1.23 million workers (-2.8%), compared with March 2009.

Lots of work on the coasts. Yet, California state unemployment has hovered above 12% this year. (Nationally, it’s been between 9.5%-10% in 2010.) Perhaps SoCal has a supply and demand issue. Statistically, it seems we have an adequate supply of jobs – there are just too many people demanding work.

Congratulations to the top 10 counties for employment rankings (as of March 2010):

* #1: Los Angeles, CA 3.86 million workers, (-3.4% over the year..);

* #2:  Cook, IL (Chicago),               2.31 million workers (-2.9% over the year..);

* #3:  New York, NY (Manhattan),    2.26 million workers (-1.7% etc…);

* #4:  Harris, TX (Houston),             1.97 million workers (-2.5%);

* #5:  Maricopa, AZ (Phoenix),         1.61 million workers (-3.8%).

* #6:  Dallas, TX, 1.39 million workers (-1.9%);

* #7:  Orange, CA 1.34 million workers (-4.2%);

* #8:  San Diego, CA 1.23 million workers (-2.8%)

* #9:  King, WA (Seattle),               1.10 million workers (-3.1%);

* #10:  Miami-Dade, FL, 0.95 million workers (-2.0%).

FYI…our employment statistics are among the ugliest in the country.  In September, according to
the BLS, Nevada’s unemployment rate held at 14.4%, again the highest among the states.
Nevada is followed by Michigan, 13.0%, and in third California at 12.4%. North Dakota
continued to register the lowest jobless rate, 3.7%.

In the big picture, only 22 of the largest 326 counties registered any growth in employment in the 12 months leading up to last March. The leaders were Elkhart, IN, where employment grew by +5.7%, and Benton, WA (+5.0% over the year).









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  1. The Los Angeles County unemployment rate (SA) decreased in February compared to January, but it increased when compared to a year earlier. LA County’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was higher than California’s rate (12.2 percent) in February.

    February 2011: 12.6 percent
    February 2010: 12.4 percent

    Comment by California Employment Development Department — May 15, 2011 #

  2. Find me a job, please…

    Comment by CaryanMiami — May 19, 2011 #

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