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by Jodi Summers Get ready for some major chaos and expense. According to a City report, more than 2,200 buildings in Santa Monica may be vulnerable to collapse or major damage during an earthquake, including more than 1,800 soft-story buildings, 220 brick buildings, 73 concrete buildings and 71 steel-frame buildings. The report concluded,  “many buildings […]

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by Jodi Summers Do you want to know what rental prices at the beach have gotten so high? Short-term rentals have pushed up the demand and thus the price. The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, a labor-backed advocacy group, estimates that more than 7,000 houses and apartments have been taken off the rental […]

Courtesy of the City of Santa Monica department of Planning and Community Development Planning and Zoning Division  

edited by Jodi Summers You’re lucky to live in Santa Monica. We all are. 2011 estimates show that Santa Monica has 90,377 fortunate residents. Tourists, workers, and beachgoers can increase the city’s daytime population to between 250,000 and 450,000 people. That’s a lot of humanity in 8.3 square miles, which is why, in 2009, Santa Monica reported […]

by Jodi Summers Proposition 13 limits annual tax increases on both commercial and residential properties at 2% each year after a sale takes place. The landmark 1978 California tax change was passed, in part, so that older Californians are not priced out of their homes through high taxes. Proposition 13 has been called the “third […]

By Jodi Summers There is great irony in the Village at Santa Monica > the$350-million, 318-unit apartment / condo / retail development going up the 1700 block of Ocean Avenue. The low-rise Village at Santa Monica project will offer 158 luxury condominiums adjacent to 160 affordable apartments crowning 20,000 square feet of commercial space. The […]