Huge Creative Office Supply Will Hit Santa Monica

by Jodi Summers The residents of Santa Monica don’t want more residential buildings and they’re not excited about hotels, so they’re getting new office space. The Santa Monica Gateway at 2834 Colorado Avenue is planned as a two-building 200,000-square-foot property with subterranean parking. It is some of the first high tech office space being built […]


by Jodi Summers Millennials and home ownership. Those terms have been non-sequiturs for a while…but all that is changing. Currently, 67% of all Millennials say they can’t afford to buy. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Study, 90% of Millennials moved out of family home between age 19 and 27. 54.6% moved back in […]

rent vs buy

edited by Jodi Summers   Los Angeles is 48% homeowners and 52% renters. Renter majority is part of a national trend. Over the last 10 years the United States has lost 1 million net homeowner households and has gained an overwhelming 10 million rental households.   The renter trend has accelerated since the downturn, and […]

edited by Jodi Summers Cash sales made up 41.2% of total home sales in January 2014, down from 43.5% the previous year, but up from 38.4% from the previous month. This CoreLogic chart ntoes that Florida had the largest share of all cash buyers with 59.8%, followed by Alabama (58.5%), New York (51.9%), Missouri (50.1%) […]

by Jodi Summers Finally, we have some inventory in Ocean Park, Santa Monica. There are currently nine properties for sale in our dynamic walkable neighborhood at the beach, just north of Venice. Every day feels like a holiday in Ocean Park. Here’s what we can help you buy today, courtesy of Jodi Summers and the […]

by Jodi Summers Buyers have realized that the housing market is in better health; and as a result are waving money at sellers in a rush to buy real estate. Buyers want the best value…as do sellers Sellers recognize that the upswing in the market will allow them to realize higher prices in the near […]