by Jodi Summers California’s green protocols will continue to influence green building. January 2017 will see the application of “Title 24,” building energy efficiency standards set forth by the California Energy Commission. The updated building energy efficiency should cut regulated energy use in new homes by 28% and save consumers $31 a month compared to […]

edited by Jodi Summers Now that getting a loan has finally returned to a more comfortable process, the new Qualified Mortgage (QM) rules happening January 10, 2014 add a new twist to the lending game. QM is a newly created set of restrictions on lending guidelines and the products that are available in the secondary […]

by Jodi Summers Watch real estate prices rise in 2013. All the indicators imply that this will be a wealth-building year for owners of residential real estate. ★The economy is officially in recovery. ★ Housing inventories are way down. ★ Mortgage rates are at historic lows. ★ And everyone who had been waiting for the […]

by Jodi Summers The SAVE Act, is new bill being proposed in Congress, would create 83,000 jobs and generate $1.1 billion in annual energy bill savings. Officially known as the “Sensible Accounting to Value Energy” (SAVE) Act, it would require mortgage lenders to include expected energy-costs savings into the value of a home. Bill sponsors, […]

GUEST POST – VA LOAN OPPORTUNITIES by Jay Buerck Veterans and their families in Southern California can take advantage of one of the country’s most affordable and flexible home loan programs. The Veterans Administration’s home loan program was created specifically for the needs of those who have served our country. VA loans offer veterans an […]

HOME OWNERSHIP EQUITY TIPS by Jodi Summers 1. The equity in your personal residence shouldn’t be used to pay for vacations, education, new cars and credit-card debt. Many homeowners who participated in serial refinancing when rates were low and money was easy found they had no equity left when the credit crunch hit in August […]