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by Jodi Summers Do you want to know what rental prices at the beach have gotten so high? Short-term rentals have pushed up the demand and thus the price. The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, a labor-backed advocacy group, estimates that more than 7,000 houses and apartments have been taken off the rental […]

too late to retrofit

by Jodi Summers As if the apartment rental situation in Los Angeles is not tenuous enough for you…just wait…the first phase of the city’s massive earthquake retrofitting project is about to begin. The Department of Building and Safety has compiled the official list of apartment buildings most at risk of collapse, landlords get notice in […]

by Jodi Summers Last summer, Ocean Park was home to the million dollar bungalow. This summer, not so much. The market is quieter than last year – only 19 properties sold in our neighborhood in the second quarter. Prices are a little more palatable for buyers…and not so exciting for sellers. “The drop in affordability […]

** http://www.santamonicapropertyblog.com/?p=5609 http://lovesiliconbeach.wordpress.com/2014/05/17/lease-venice-beach/

by Jodi Summers Here’s an interesting factoid to drop into your conversation. A total 344 residences in Santa Monica sold for more than $1,000,000 in 2013, according to the MLS. 230 of those properties are houses, 114 are condos. 37 of those properties are in Ocean Park. In California, 39,145 homes sold for $1 million […]

by Jodi Summers Santa Monica has often been nicknamed the “Republic of Santa Monica” for the City’s rather unique stance on various social positions. Santa Monica’s latest set of rules may or may not be unconstitutional, but it will no doubt impact multiunit properties throughout Los Angeles. The City of Santa Monica has declared that […]